by Jerome Yorke

Hello out there. I am so excited to UpDate you on what we have on the horizon. Since becoming a full time faculty member for the University of Dayton Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology program specializing in acting, movement, mask and clowning, I have had little time to think about what is UpNext for us. Luckily for me spring is an amazing time. In Ohio, old winter branches are showing off their fresh tips polished kelly green; they breathe with a crisp fertile excitement, a shiver, a reminder that life is.
has always been.
and now is reemerging.

Along with this appears a light motif of resurrection and the questions that start appearing as an orchestra in my imagination.

Now that my semester is winding down, I get to spend some time in the process of making a new show. I say “in the process,” but in reality it now only exists in my head.  And so, as the air I breathe - so my thoughts; I’d like to attempt a series of posts about this process of creating our new show that is as infantile as the tulip buds peeking through the soil with a wonder for light. As you read, so do my ensemble-mates. I say this to say that all I write below could be completely void from what we actually make. The important thing: to start.

Resurrection. To rise from fallen. How does one get up? What does it take to be lifted in a time of great despair? How am I held up in weightless joy? Hoping or helpless? Helpless? One can’t rise without help, even help from oneself. Oneself two triumph.

Stand by the stairway
You'll see something
Certain to tell you confusion has its cost
Love isn't lying
It's loose in a lady who lingers
Saying she is lost
And choking on hello.

-Stephen Stills

(hashtagOkthisisgettingtobestupid... ...sssshhh!) Resurrection. Going up. Verticality is compelling, what if we used the vertical theatre space instead of the horizontal? Can we shift the space as we rise? Askew an expectation and alter a point of view? Resurrection. To leave behind what crushed you. A new place, a migrant, a refugee dis-placed. Crushed and sacrificial - determined to rise anew anyplace else. Resurrection...Buoyancy.