Enmity Of The People: Devising a Highly Physical Adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Play



The creative mind is a muscle that must be regularly exercised. Working creatively in a group is an engagement of that muscle that requires specific training. We will use Henrik Ibsen's play Enemy Of The People to devise an original, highly physical adaptation relevant to today's world and your community. As we work we engage the fundamental questions of the actor in creative ensemble creation: How do you make clear, bold proposals to a group? How do you listen and say yes to proposals that others make? How do you actively engage (“on your feet”) with your own and others’ ideas? How do you provoke and encourage the group? How do you foster curiosity and playfulness? How do you stand firmly in your beliefs while keeping an open mind? How do you navigate conflict?

Through partner acrobatics and UpLift's unique methods of group creation, we provide a safe and encouraging platform to explore these questions and more.

This workshop can be adapted to a variety of timeframes and group sizes:

*One Day (3 hr minimum, play must be read before workshop)
*Weekend (2-3 days)
*Week Long (5-7 days)
*The Residency (specifically developed for universities during our pilot program and University of Dayton, OH, this can be as short as a week and as long as a semester. It is adaptable to a variety of institutions.)