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UpLift artists in residence performance at the University of Dayton. Photo Credit: Ryan Wantland; Pictured UpLift core members Alyssa Hughlett (center) and Hannah Gaff (center/left).

UpLift artists in residence performance at the University of Dayton. Photo Credit: Ryan Wantland; Pictured UpLift core members Alyssa Hughlett (center) and Hannah Gaff (center/left).

Enmity of the people, 2017 & 2019

Ensemble Director: Jerome Yorke
Ensemble creators: Hannah Gaff, Alyssa Hughlett, Nicholette Routhier, UD Students.

An adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's, An Enemy of the People. First developed in residence at AcroSports and the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program at the University of Dayton in Ohio in collaboration with Zoot Theatre Company, Enmity of the People will be making its west coast premiere in Fall of 2019. Stay UpDated for information on performances and booking!

Terra incognita: Through the waves


Ensemble creators: Juliana Frick, Hannah Gaff, Nicholette Routhier, Alyssa Hughlett, Jessica Ferris

Theatre Bay Area (TBA) Award recommended show! Weaving a poetic vocabulary of acrobatic movement and storytelling, this intimate play tells the tale of one woman, lost between the uncharted waters of her grief and the mountaintops of her joyful memories following the disappearance of her soul-mate.  Created, directed and performed by four women in residence at the San Francisco Circus Center in 2016, this production has toured to the San Diego Fringe Festival (2018) and to the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane, Washington as a keynote performer in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (2018).

Check out a video preview HERE.
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Terra Incognita, 2015

Ensemble Creators: Juliana Frick, Hannah Gaff, Alyssa Hughlett, Joe Krienke, Audrey Leclair, Andrea Martinez, Moses Norton, Nicholette Routhier, Jerome Yorke with special guest artist Jared Mongeau
Stage Manager: Drew Pannebecker

A heart-pumping acrobatic expedition into the unmapped terrain of the heart. Join us as we climb mountains of longing, dive into oceans of loss, and find wellsprings of joy in this surprisingly intimate play. 


Taken away, 2014

Produced and directed by Joe Krienke
Ensemble creators: Jerome Yorke, Nicholette Routhier, Alyssa Hughlett, Hannah Gaff, Moses Norton, and Joe Krienke
Lighting design:Anthony Arnista and Michael Foster

Following the success of "Between the Lines," the ensemble continued forward with their research and development of dramatic acrobatics. In June 2014, "Taken Away" premiered at the Mad River Festival in Blue Lake, CA to sold out audiences. In "Taken Away" parallel dimensions, ghosts, guides, spirits and demons exist alongside our everyday reality, influencing our lives and relationships. In this unique form of non-linear collage storytelling, we experience themes of falling, holding, catching, and being taken away. 


between the lines, 2013 (Not available for Booking)

Produced and Directed by Joe Krienke
Ensemble Creators: Audrey Leclair, Juliana Frick, Moses Norton, Andrea Martinez, Alyssa Hughlett, Joe Krienke, and Nicholette Routhier. 
Lighting Design: Michael Foster

Premiering at the Mad River Festival in June 2013, "Between the Lines" was originally devised as a collaborative assignment in dramatic acrobatics at the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre. With vigor and playfulness, "Between the Lines" explores the dynamic physical forces that exist in our everyday relationships and interactions.